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Bono Interview In The Guardian


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The correction on the tax bit you mean? They should keep pushing back on that. A broader swath of Irish people were part of the economic problem than the band and it's completely irrational to fixate on them as somehow bad people for not bailing the country out (as if they could). Even the term "tax avoidance" is garbage - they could fully pull up their roots and pay nothing in Ireland (and why should they if the government doesn't provide services they favor, etc.), but they've chosen to remain taxed there and other places. 

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I loved reading this interview because I got to know him better as an activist and the things he said make a lot of sense.


Those journeys must be difficult sometimes, and it's nice to hear he finds redress in poetry. 


I think it's very smart not to link ONE to any ideology, but at the same time to be open to talk to everyone. Because solving the problems is what matters to them.


Also, they got very clever people organizing everything.  And that idea of involving artists and writers in the campaign is brilliant - who better to get to the heart of the people.


They are doing an amazing job saving millions of lives and changing the minds of the people


The anecdotes with people booing and chasing him were fun, and also to think about him negociating with politicians and his ONE board  :D


Finally, that thing of "let not the left hand know what the right hand does..." - that is exactly how it has to be. There is absolutely no need to announce or publish something that must remain private. Although what he said It is true, it's simplistic to think you end poverty by alms. He has other ideas and he's very right, I can relate well to that.


Nice to hear! :)

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