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Event Live Thread 17/10/13


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Hey, Cam & Ana, I was just about to create a new Topic post for this, but I see u did. So, like check us out: we're like kids in a candy store. Lol. :lol: {Does anyone do anything like Trick or Treating door-to-door where you live? Here kids do that October 31st (halloween).} We're like grownup Trick or Treaters here. What goodies are they going to drop into our bag at U2.com? :)

Hehe. It is "all hallow's day" and people use to remember their death relatives. But I personally don't need a day to remember them... -_-  And recently we've imported the halloween thing from you and kids in schools celebrate something. Although in some places it was already celebrated the Samaín, which is a celt party of the like.



After I posted that comment, I realized that in Mexico they have 'the Day of the Dead' to commemorate ancestors & relatives who've died, but I didn't have any idea about Spain. I know what u mean about not needing a special day to remember them. It's funny, but just today, at 2 separate times, I was reminiscing about my grandmothers - 1 w/ a sad memory & the other w/ a hilarious memory.


Oooh. The Samaín? I've never heard of that & u know I Love learning things like that. I'll look it up & learn more about it. :)

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May we have a live chat like during the shows? Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Oh nooo. Shades of the Thanksgiving fiasco. Remember all the talk on the boards around that? But. I. Did. Not. Mention. That. :D

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