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'ordinary Love' Discussion Thread

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I think people will either not like this, or will think it's okay, or will Love this. I appreciate those who were hoping for something else, but mark me down in the LOVE column.   Got to hear it FIR

I really love U2, i know you wont do anything, i know the person who will read this ovbiously will not be Bono, Edge, Adam or Larry, i know that, and is ok, but I have to say something!!... please for

Interesting. Now I Really want to hear the whole song. Of course, U2 was an influence on Coldplay - & they've said so - so it's pretty much Coldplay who sounds a little like U2. But now when I hea

It's ok. Not knocking my socks off yet. Sounds a bit weak on first listen.


Electrical Storm mixed with Saints intro...listening again with headphones this time...




I'd say it's between Electrical Storm and Wave of Sorrow.


I think it's pretty good.

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It's definitely a grower after a few listens. Musically It's not typically U2, which may or may not signify what direction they are heading, but I guess we'll have to wait a bit longer to find out.


Soundtrack or not, it's nice to know they can get some music together.

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Yes, I think the correct fight is between Love and Fear not Love and Hate, actually it's the big fat fear VS the rest of the sentiments, because when you are afraid, there's nothing else, I'm not a fear-enthusiast but it's very interesting how fear lasts so long and is so intense, besides you can identify it very quickly; that's why fear is accessible to everyone, love is not (I might state the opposite of what Mandela says here Love comes more natural to the human heart, I'd say fear comes more natural to any creature's heart...).


Love is something precious and rare, that's why it's so special...that's my take on 'love'.

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