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U2 On Facebook / Best Achtoon Baby Ever! Lmao! [Merged]


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Hehehe some of those are quite funny!


I follow some bands on Twitter etc. and while a few give good updates themselves and so on, most just have some bloke at a desk tweeting and posting all day long advertising this and that it really becomes too much.


Official Rolling Stones for one!

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If you have not seen this over at atu2 yet, go there now. It is hilarious!



this is absolutely great stuff....


like how Larry is just like, "no" to everthing, ha ha!


and bono is so into himself he keeps changing his profile pic...but wait...it that really due to insecurity and not being sure if hes relevant?

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Oh that is brill Mich, thank you for the link, so very funny!  :D


And y'see even Adam thinks the chorus to Boredinary Love sounds like Sting's 'free free set them free'! I rest my case. -_-


And the knight that says NO :lol:


and those vids and profile pics and Adam's DIY..."it's complicated"...hilarious!


oh sorry that should be 'love love love'




(Bookmarked for future giggles)  ;)

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