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In the Midnight hour

When we meet
in the midnight hour 
country girl 
I will bring you night flowers 
coloured like your eyes 
in the moonlight 
in the midnight 

I remember

Your cold hand 
held for a moment among strangers 
held for a moment among dripping trees 
in the midnight hour

I remember

Your eyes coloured like the autumn landscape 
walking down muddy lanes 
watching sheep eating yellow roses 
walking in city squares in winter rain 
kissing in darkened hallways 
walking in empty suburban streets 
saying goodnight in deserted alleyways

in the midnight hour

Andy Williams singing `We'll keep a Welcome in the
Hillsides' for us
When I meet you at the station
The Beatles singing `We Can Work it Out' with James
Ensor at the harmonium
Rita Hayworth in a nightclub singing `Arcade Mia'

I will send you armadas 
of love vast argosies of flowers 
in the midnight hour 
country girl

when we meet

in the moonlight 
country girl

I will bring you

in the midnight hour. 


Adrian Henri
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