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A Deep-Sworn Vow

OTHERS because you did not keep
That deep-sworn vow have been friends of mine;
Yet always when I look death in the face,
When I clamber to the heights of sleep,
Or when I grow excited with wine,
Suddenly I meet your face.


William Butler Yeats



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tim and paula, check this one out, this is the kind of poetry i liked since you asked me in my pm tim


deeper still

Deeper into my eyes you stare ,
Deeper still , into my heart you dare.
Passion, pleasure, the endless fire,
Deepest of all, the unbridled desire.

Deeper and deeper, we suddenly fall,
Deeper still, collapsing that wall.
Chances are taken, for lovers in need,
Deepest of all, for love to succeed.

Deeper and deeper, promises kept,
Deeper still, tears no longer wept.
Endless devotion, sacred lovers at last,
Deepest of all, sorrows lost in the past.

Deeper and deeper, true love grows,
Deeper still, only real love knows.
That unconditional love, forever holds,
Deepest of all, true happiness unfolds.

Deeper and deeper, such sweet dreams,
Deeper still, loves radiance beams.
Showers of emotion no longer unspoken,
Deepest of all, Gods greatest token.

Deeper and deeper, is my love for you, 
deeper still the desire, to forever be true. 
Holding so tight, embracing your heart, 
Deepest of all, that we will never part.

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another one i stumbled across that i liked




Love comes naturally, so as the say 
Like Romeo and Juliet their love for each other will never fade away, 
Sometimes love does end with tragedy 
Due to lack of trust and questioned honesty. 
Like the tragic ending of Othello and Desdemona’s love story 
Leaves a person in love to worry, 
Because of love's uncertainty 
One must unfold its mystery.

To this I ponder to what one must do for love 
Is it enough to give up what one have? 
Or is it to endure the pain 
What one should gain? 
Is believing in your lover enough 
For him to become your better half? 
A question which there has no exact answer 
And once answered by an opinion, people beg to differ. 
Love's uncertainty begin to wither, 
Because I finally now know 
Love's reason is for both partners to grow.

I love you like a writer loves his pen and paper 
One cannot live without the other 
I love you like a song writer 
One cannot live without the melody and the singer 
I love you like an artist 
One cannot live without its sketch 
I love you like a poet 
One who expresses ones feelings without regret 
I love you like an architect 
One who loves his masterpiece to be perfect. 
And to you I swear 
That I will love you like no other else to compare. 
For all eternity I am yours 
And let it be known to others, our memoirs.

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i laughed at this one 


peace love and war

peace without war is love 
war with love is peace
love without peace is war
can we noy speak 
of the way love 
is war and
war is love
without war we would not need peace
so the three cannot 
exists without eachother
just like life 
love-is friends and family 
war-is emiems and foes 
peace-is within yourself
people think peace and love 
but without war there can not be thee
for thee is all three 

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Hi, 1 2 3 Love, it's me writing,now!


a name

that i call


and frequently,

it comes to my



of an exchange,

of sympathetic



i think too much,

crazy turmoil

it's too much,

i love the mistery

of what you do

in real,

precious signs

of your being,

if i call you

by your name

what's the burden,

or the guilt,

i call your name.

Edited by paoladegliesposti

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Wisdom and war


we do not care

That much is clear.
Not enough
Of us care
We are not wise-
For that reason,
Mankind dies.
To think
Is much against
The will.
And easier-
To kill.


Langston Hughes

Edited by paoladegliesposti

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nice paol i liked it :)


heres another i like but i would change it to ''children''




A Message for My Child 

I wish that I could show you
all the things that I have seen.

I wish that I could take you
everywhere that I have been.

I wish that I could indicate
the places where I fell,

And keep you, thus, from tripping
on those “rougher” spots as well.

I wish that I could do all this
and save you from the strife.

But I know that I’d be sparing you
the lessons of your life.

And you must learn those lessons
as hard as that may be,

Just know that you will always have
a helping hand from me.

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