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Songs You Would Love To Hear On The Tour


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So, we've got an opening band thread for the tour.  Thought I would start a thread about songs we'd love to hear on the tour.  On 360, my dream song was played.  My favorite song ever by U2 is The Unforgettable Fire and I was so beside myself that they played it on the first couple of legs of 360.  I cried like a baby when I finally got to hear it live for the first time. 


Now my number one song that I would love to hear is "Gloria,"  I'm pretty sure that they haven't played it since the Joshua Tree tour and I have never heard it live and would love to because it's the very first song I ever heard by them and loved it from the beginning.  Stopping everything I was doing whenever it came on MTV back in 1982/83.

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i think they played Gloria on some nights during Vertigo. being that was about 10 years ago, and they didn't feature it prominently, no reason to think they won't bring it back. awesome song.


I have a feeling a lot of 'war horse' songs wont be played this time... just my gut. Apart from the new material, yeah Drowning Man would be great. I think some stuff from Pop like Please or Discotheque or Staring at the Sun will be played. Maybe Kite or Acrobat.


For me, I'd LOVE to hear Sweetest Thing or Trying to Throw your arms around the World-- never heard either live except on youtube, and-- not really sure they translate will live anyway. I'd take Who's Gonna Ride... instead.


One Tree Hill would be nice. Of course, so would Bad.


then again, there are just so many.

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Running to Stand Still

Zoo Station

Out of Control

I Will Follow

Electric Co.

Party Girl


New York


Angel of Harlem

Drowning Man

Unforgettable Fire..maybe Wire this time


oh Original of the Species


Lady with a Spinning Head


too many...it's late I'll come back tomorrow and edit!

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I would love to hear any of the following: Im going to keep it to songs that u2 have performed before, and not include songs they are unlikey to ever play:


11 o clock tick tock



A Day without Me



Drowning Man

4th july

Indian Summer Sky

One tree Hill

Trip Thro Your Wires

In Gods Country

Hawkmoon 269

God Pt II

Dirty Day



Last Night On Earth

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I would love to hear A Day Without Me.  I also wish that they could figure out a way to play Electrical Storm to their liking.  Would also love to have them bring back Kite, Miracle Drug, and Unknown Caller; but I don't see any of those happening.  Hawkmoon 269 is also high on my list of songs I wish they would play.

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