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The "Equal" Line on the Horizon.

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I'm confused with the equal sign on the album, so what does that mean? its a sticker.


is it some kind of " I Ching" Divination? Yin and Yang of some sort


or I should stick it on my mathematical Equation 2 + 2 *insert equal sign sticker* = 4?


is that it?

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Gering wrote:

Great question and observation...


Wish I could serve to enlighten here, unfortunately I have nothing to add, other than it is a very cool sticker!








If I solved the puzzle, I can breathe..



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Hi , i have the box set edition of NLOTH and it has digipack edition of the cd you know.It has equal sign on it too,i wonder who knows the answer of yourquestion too.


If someone knows it here,please explain it to us.


Take care.

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It's been put there to do exactly what you guys have done here....get you thinking.


First time i saw it i interpreted it as there being "no line on the horizon" When i look at it i see the simple equals sign as a line above thehorizon and another line below the horizon but there's no actual line on the horizon. You follow?


It's clever.

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