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Coldplay: 2 , U2: 0


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Since 2011 Coldplay has released 2 albums.


Since 2011 U2 has released............nothing.


Just stating the facts.


Oh...and that quote from Adam that the album will be out by the end of the year........


Pffffffft!!!  I won't believe it until it's in my little hands.


You can't talk the talk until you walk the walk!


Come on!  Even Jack White made an album in a day!

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Now you are a bit severe. U2 released Ordinary Love and Invisible. That's not much, but not nothing.  Jack White made and released a single in one day, not a whole album. :) Adam recently said that the band hopes to have the new album finished by the end of summer. So nothing affirmative, just a cautious hope.

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