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POLL: Is The New Album 'Great'?


Is the album "great"?  

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So...I heard the 60 second snippets on a work computer on some crappy speakers via iTunes. Was unable to download album there. Thought it might not be good. When I got home, downloaded and listened in on home theater speakers. Much better. Love 9, 10, and 11. Very much experimental for them. I too hear elements of War, ATYCLB, and others. Adam really shines on this album. Each member has their moments to shine. The album feels a little darker in places. Overall I think they took a few risks and threw in some of their signature sounds as well. Not a big fan of California? Not sure why. Volcano kind of has a few different levels to it. I'm finding myself looking for the landscape of this album. I believe it's their homeland. Never been there before. Looking forward to getting deeper into the lyrics and their meaning. I need to live the songs before I get them most of the time. Had to post because of friend of mine and I sat and listened to whole album and played it loudly as well as discuss the raw hit the new sounds we're giving us. Thanks for the gift U2. Always inspired!

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Earlier this year some were bemoaning about a lack of output from U2 citing their peers as examples of bands who work harder to meet their fans yearnings. So some context because I think "Songs...." beats hands down the likes of Coldplay whose latest offering sounded like a collection of rejects from the 'Now Music' collections. The Arctic Monkeys don't do anything for me. Elbow's album too clever for its own good and lacked any real stand out songs with character. The one exception of the year was the Kaiser Chiefs but although 'Education' was fun and a good album they are hardly in the same category as U2...IMHO.


However much I like "Songs" I simply don't see it as great. It's as good as NLOTH (very underrated and let down by the 1st single) but not better. Different yes and I can play it through without wanting to Fast Forward a track or two which sounded like 'filler'.


I think these songs will hold up better in a live setting though and will look forward to catching the band in London.

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I know, it's early days but I'm too excited to wait!!! So do you think it's great...or not so much?


(as far as 'relevance' goes Bono, you can't get much more relevant than launching with an Apple product!! Clever marketing).

Too early. If I'm still listening to it in 6 months then it's doing better than NLOTH

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