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My U2 Poem


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Hello Fellow U2 Fans. This is a published poem about U2 that I wrote during the Elevation Tour. I am very proud of it. I just wish the band could see it. I want them to know how much I love them. I have loved them my entire life. I am 40 years old now. I have been in my opinion, more than just another fan. They are my artistic friends. Their lyrics are similar to my poetry. I just feel so connected to them. Their music & the fact that they care about the world only strengthens that connection. My dream is to someday meet them. With a new tour coming, I have another chance for that.  So without further ado... here is 
                                                                                                               My Friends


                                                                                                These four men of whom I hold dear

                                                                                                Have grabbed and pushed me thru my fear

                                                                                                They are geniuses and thus inspire 

                                                                                                By setting my personal muse on fire

                                                                                                A special place in my heart they dwell

                                                                                                Not enough words to explain it well

                                                                                                Love is the gospel, of which they preach

                                                                                                Elevation of the soul is what they teach

                                                                                                Steady rock tones with unique style

                                                                                                Layered with passion from the Emerald Isle

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