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SOI Promo Tour - Radio / TV / Press Interviews

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Argentinaian radio interview with Adam today... http://perros.metro951.com/2014/09/18/adam-clayton-en-perros-de-la-calle/

Hey, bigwave. Wanna distance yourself from Adam's comments re @indyref ?  ;)


well, he did say he hadn't been following along that closely... but we all have an opinion eh...  

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Portland Oregon's KINK FM (http://kink.fm/) is advertising they have a Bono interview as well. It was supposed to be last week (as was the KROQ interview), but KINK said it needed to be rescheduled. They're taking questions via their facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/KINK/photos/a.166336534551.155943.67123324551/10153169742734552/?type=1&theater)

thanks sherry, not been updated today, wonder if they missed out?

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bigwave - the KINK interview was taped today. They gave a teaser and said they'd be playing parts of it on Monday, presumably between 5 and 10 am their local time.


Update: according to Sherry it'll be 9 am.

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