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Opening Songs on Tour


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Now that Songs of Innocence is out it's time to start looking forward to the next tour. Durning the last two tours, 360 and Vertigo, I was surprised by the choice of songs with which they kicked off the tour. Here in North America they started with Breathe and City of Blinding Lights respectively for many of the concerts. I didn't think they were good choices until I actually heard them live. At that moment I thought they were a perfect choice.


So with the upcoming tour what do you think will be the opening song?


To get things started I think they'll go with The Miracle (Of Joey Ramone). But I would like to hear Volcano or Raised By Wolves to set the tone instead.

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I don't personally think the band should open with a new song. Historically, for all bands, tours were about promoting a new album, so bands, including U2, opened with stuff from the new offering.

U2 aren't at that stage in their musical careers anymore - anyone that wants to know, knows already the content of the new album.

For me most fans of U2 have been fans for many years and love most of whatever they produce to varying degrees. For me, opening with a rip roaring oldie or suchlike is far more likely to get me out of my seat or doing the 'pogo' at ground level from the off!

I noticed, from various clips and actually being at the Dublin show last tour, that whilst I love 'Breathe' and think its a fantastic tune (for me possibly the best off the last album) - many attendees at the gig were waiting for them to do something or to kick them into life - which really annoys me about Irish people sometimes - it's like we're waiting to be impressed rather than actually being thankful for what we are lucky enough to be experiencing.

Anyway, I think they should open with something like 'Gloria', just to kick start things - remember the positive response received on the last tour when they decided to open with EBTTRT - something similar i'd say this time. Then by all means, go into Miracle, which seems like a natural 'in the opening 3 songs' type of tune. Who knows what format a potential new tour is going to take yet anyway?

Maybe I'm just a grumpy old man - whatever they do, I'm sure I'll love it. 

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Almost guaranteed it won't be The Miracle. Historically the opening single almost never opens a concert. New Year's Day, Pride, With or Without You, Desire, The Fly, Stay, Discotheque, and Get on Your Boots never opened a concert on their tour. Beautiful Day only opened its tour once (and it is widely acknowledged that the set had changed from supporting NLOTH to a greatest hits one by the time it opened 360). The only two real exceptions are Gloria, which opened most October Tour concerts, and Vertigo; and the latter was arguably because the summer stadium tour was too light out for City of Blinding Lights' visuals, hence why it was always the first song to actually utilize the screen even though it was placed mid-set on that leg.


Opener will probably be California; that "bar-bar-Barbara" chant played over the PA to pump everyone up before the band rips in would be perfect. The Miracle would probably be the second song, with the "ohhh" opening being Bono-led to bring the crowd in more.

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have to agree with Matkin22 on this one

California is a great choice for an opener

(Bono when you're reading this think of dark stage' opening lines 'Bar,bar Barbera' starting quiet almost unassuming them growing.

Getting louder.

Crowd joining in.

Lights gradualy going on.

Then spots picking out individual band members.





Standing on surf boards

Beach shorts and permatan


Naw forget that bit

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