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I have been to many concerts. Here among 6 x U2 concerts.

But a concert there have been quite different for me than any other, was September 6, 2011, when I was at my second concert with the band CSS.

It was a Monday night and there were only about 30 audience.

I got a good spot in front of the stage. There was a great atmosphere on stage and in the audience.

After the concert I got to meet and greet the band, and get signed my CCS LP.

You can see me with the LP on this link: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BVF8QVRCAAEBrVR.jpg


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It was the week before November 14th 1988, and I was just turning 16 years old. I lived in a small Pocono Mountain Town in Pennsylvania. I'd already been a U2 fan for 4 years, during a time when they were not a house hold name yet, but they were just about there after watching them win big at the Grammy awards (it was a time when watching the Grammys at that age and time was So Exciting) My best friend and I were only living 2 hours outside NYC, but we were Isolated in our small town in Pennsylvania, and a lot of research we did about U2 back then, well some of it was misinformed. For a long time we believed Peter Rowen (U2 Boy-War Boy) was a true Refugee Child from some far off land. Our world was small. Anyway, I had not seen U2 in concert yet, I was too young to go, too far away from a stadium, no money...but it was in November 1988 that Rattle and Hum Premiered in NYC, and my Dad said would you like to Celebrate your 16th Birthday in NYC at the Hard Rock Café (that was a big deal in the 80's too) so I of course agreed, because I knew Rattle and Hum was still playing at Loews. That was my first U2 concert, ...well concert Movie in a movie theatre. We already had worn out our VHS tape of Live at Red Rocks, but this was different, this was a BIG Screen Concert. It took our breaths away. No We were not there when U2 was, I believe we were there almost two weeks after the Premiere. Seeing Running to Stand Still on that Big Screen, Like we were on the stage with them...it stuck with my best friend and I at a very young age, not much sends chills down the spine of a 16 year old, but U2 did. To Quote Morrissey (another artist who made a big impression in a different way) those were "The songs that saved our lives" As soon as I got a car we went to all the tours after that, and we always had that breath taking experience...but Rattle and Hum will always be with me like yesterday. Thank you U2 for the 30 years of Breath Taking Magic, Life Performances, and Comfort!


Lora Glazer

Tampa, Florida    





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My #unforgettablegig was when Bono picked me out of the audience to play the guitar and sing on stage with @U2. I was in the general admission area with my best friend Najette during a Las Vegas show, and had a sign that read "This Chick Plays A Mean Guitar". Bono saw it, and all of a sudden security plucked me out of the audience and I got to play the song "People Get Ready" on stage with U2. Bono even started making up lyrics about me being U2's "new guitar player" and having "fly shades on"! On cloud 9, I strummed along from beginning to end. I sang in unison with Bono into his mic, and even belted out the last few notes of the song. At the end of the song, Bono held my hand up high into the air, and announced my full name for all to hear. The crowd went nuts. It was a dream come true. Almost unimaginable. I am so thankful for the opportunity. U2 inspired me to stick with music as a career and write songs, and I continue to work as a singer-songwriter while teaching children all over the world how to compose songs and express themselves via my songwriting workshops (www.jinglesessions.com). Special thanks to U2 for this opportunity that changed my life and confirmed my love for music and songwriting. #ThankfulForTheChanceToShineWithU2 #ThisChickPlaysAMeanGuitar

My story is best told via this VH1 special: 


Bono, The Edge and Julie Kryk - Las Vegas 2001

Bono and Julie Kryk - Las Vegas 2001







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Et bien pour moi le concert qui à changé ma vie, c'était lors de l'été 2007......pour la petite histoire, c'était quelques années plus tôt, lors du concert de U2 à Nice en 2005 lors du Vertigo tour, la chanson d'intro m'interpella! Le titre était WAKE UP, un morceau d'une composition sublime. Ce jour de juillet 2007 ce fut la première fois que je pleurais lors d'un concert(pendant No Cars Go).. c'était lors d'un concert d'ARCADE FIRE......et depuis ce jour ma vie a littéralement changé grâce à nos 4 irlandais, alors merci U2 pour cette découverte, je vous en serait éternellement reconnaissant.

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On a sunny Saturday in 1985 the world joined in music to support those less fortunate, NO Politics, NO Violence, NO Sanctions, NO Religion

just pure Rock'n'Roll.


I was 19 standing in Wembley Stadium with 70,000+ listening and seeing a music phenomenon in the making.  Opened with Status Quo Rocking All Over the World with Prince Charles & Lady Di rocking with the stadium.  Phil Collins did his session then jetted off to join the other half of the concert in Philadelphia.  Bowie & Jagger Danced in the street via video link (in 1985 !!!!)


Late afternoon Philadelphia opened and joined Wembley.


This was a one off and I was there and my first introduction to U2!


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I've always been fond of music ... and concerts.

I've seen many bands, french bands, as I'm french, alternative bands and some foreign bands :Dire Straits, Frankie goes to Hollywood, Joe Cocker...

But I had never seen my favourite band even though I had taken on a wall during a rainy night in the streets of my town a poster of one of their concerts during the joshuah tree tour. A poster that stayed above my bed for years.

Then, I was 41 my mother was dying and my father died two years before, I didn't knew how I could expect the future, How I could see further ...

I don't know why but I thought I had to see U2 on the 360 tour. I had always postponed to see them, because I thought I didn't have enough money, enough time, many stupid reasons.

But everything was sold and I couldn't get any.

So a spark shone in the night.There was an additional concert .

My mother was suffering more and more and I couldn't help her ,only by being by her side.

My wife told me That I had to find something to save my mind for later.

I suscribed at U2 com and I took 3 entries for the second concert.

One hour later I went back to the hospital and my mother died, we were hand in hand.


So, four months later, I went to the stade de France, on the 12 of july 2009, with a friend and my elder son.

There was a future.

I saw one of the most beautiful concert in my life.

I had a  melancolic thought for my mother when they played pride (in the name of love). Back in the 80's, she was sometimes listening to the unforgettable fire LP with me.

It was wonderful.

I knew I shouldn' t wait for the things I had to live them.

No one knows of what tomorrow is made

carpe diem as Robin Williams said in a movie

Since this day I've seen : the Buzzcocks, Doctor Feelgood, And Also the Trees,Tindersticks, The Stranglers, The Sonics, many french bands, operas like carmen and also Bruce Springsteen, The Rolling Stones and ... my sons who play guitar or drums.

And on the 18 th of september 2010 for my wife's birthday, an happier purpose, we went back to the stade de France to see and listen at bono, edge, adam and larry

I hope to see you soon guys




PS ; my photos are too big to upload sorry

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I still get excited to remember my first live show.
I minor, Barcelona, ​​1987, Zeleste (now Razzmataz) and Echo & The Bunnymen.
And two guest artists ........ my older sister and her boyfriend (now husband) !!! .... hahaha
My parents would not let me go without my two guards .... hahaha ... those were different times ...
Although I have to say that they also liked the show ....
Spectacular, and I think the best tour of Echo
I could even get a bootleg cassette recording of show which I still ...
And from that day everything changed ..................... but no miracle for me !!!


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It was circa 1993. I was 22 and had managed to get up the courage to ask out a female work mate on a date. Expecting her to say no I hadn't put much thought into where to go. She said yes and what did I do, took her to a U2 cover band, Sunday Bloody Sunday who were playing that night in Bondi Junction, Sydney. What a night, what a girl, 21 years later and we've been married for 18 years and have three kids, Paul, Adam & Larry! Only kidding about the names but it was the music of U2 that brought us together all those years ago. Thank You!! Sorry, no photos

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When I was 18 me and my best friend went to Dortmund, Germany, on December 16th, 1989.

Some weeks before it took me a kind of 'little fight' to get two of the rare tickets for a show by a band called U2 - yeah, truly an experience with them is banned in my mind. And I never will forget this very special night. Why?!

From 1987 on I was a real fan of the band, after I made my first experiences with their music in England whereas holidays. All the shows were sold out and over all it felt like they were some kind of untouchable for a juvenile.

So the first special moment was receiving the tickets weeks before the gig!

After the supporting act I left the main floor of the hall because I wanted to try to get on the first balcony for a better view on the starting of the show. With the first sound of the organs to 'Where the streets...' I got a view from above. This was amazing. In never had seen such an opening or a crowd getting happy and excited at once! I got creeps and I felt as happy as anyone around me.

Suddenly, in the middle of the song, something in me said, no - cried at me, I had to step back to ground floor again. I ran down the stairs and pushed any door open. Keeping the head down, I passed some lines of the audience. Then I stopped and looked up left from me:

Just about three meters from me, Bono stood on the stage, looking in our direction! I felt so close to my 'heroes', I never will forget this emotional seconds. As Bono stepped back to the main stage I followed him through the crowd. Amazing!!!!

The whole show we spent dancing, although everyone stood close. It was even that close, I lost the sole of my shoe, after someone stepped on it...

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#unforgettablegig – U2  - October Tour March 25, 1982.




The show that changed my life forever would be my 1st U2 concert when they opened for J. Giels at the Veteran’s Memorial Coliseum in Phoenix, Arizona on March 25, 1982.

We were so excited and determined to see U2 that our adventure would start one day earlier with driving to the concert in Tucson, Arizona. We were four friends who drove down together, not knowing the show was cancelled in Tucson. We drove back to Phoenix with the car catching on fire while we were still in it on the freeway! We managed to pull over and get out safely, see the fire department show up to put the fire out and having a parent come rescue us to take us all home.




The next morning we went to the Phoenix concert early so we could be up close to the stage. We were against the barricade in front of the Edge with about 40 other U2 fans that were there to see them as well. They opened the concert with Gloria, and sang I Threw a Brick through a Window, A Day Without Me, An Cat Dubh, Into the Heart, Scarlet, Rejoice, The Electric Co, I Will Follow and Out of Control (which we kept yelling for!). Bono threw cups of water on the crowd, stood on top of the monitors, and only rested once on the keyboard platform. During this time we all kept yelling for him so he came over and gave us a special bow. When they were done, we ran out to the backstage entrance to try and meet them.





We would first meet a special Irish road crew member telling him our disastrous “road trip” story to see U2 in Tucson. He would go inside to bring out Bono and the Edge introducing them to us. Adam came out afterwards. I asked him to sign an autograph to the Fanzine I wrote for called “Cosmic Rockers” and we took photos with him. Sadly, we did not get to talk to Larry. At the end of the night we all watched them board the bus and leave. We were so excited by everything that had happened we would decide to drive to L.A. in two days to see and meet them again!  This was the start of a lifelong love for a band we would not only grow up with but see them become the biggest rock band in the world!    


By Dion Simte aka JesusGirl



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