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Anyone home?


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Hi Everyone,


I was looking for somewhere to post and thought this would be the one to say what I need to say.


I wanted to say HELLO and I too haven't been in here for a while and certainly not as regularly as I have had a hectic demanding year. I have been working big time, and then some. 


I was so stressed, I didn't think I was going to do any well with what I was working on. I felt like the biggest loser in the world. I just didn't think I was going to make it. Anyway, I have submitted this work I have been working on, finally. I feel like a huge yoke\log has been lifted off my shoulders. I feel great. 


I was very sick too and run down, and all this hard work I have been doing I felt I was going to fail and not make it. I have made it now and only have one task to do to finish this job outright. 


The forum in here is something special, there are many different degrees of people who love the band. Many people here who are talented in their own right. It's fine to have a debate about something and go back and forth and those boundaries are tested here. I think it's great though to have a difference of opinion as long and you certainly are free to express yourself. It challenges your own way of thinking.


I found the other members in here to be authentic and some people have a kind outlook and a dedication and loyalty to the band and the people themselves in the band. 


I think U2 are making the world a better place, and the fans in here are exceptional. I have learned more about U2 themselves and have grown fond of the people in here. 


I have had a very stressful busy exhausting year, but happy that it's over for this year. 


If anyone in here finds they need support or help, you are most welcome to reach out to me, and will help in anyway I can.


Keeping in real


Love and peace xx

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Hi peeps!!! I've not been on  here for a long long time, but I'm back, just a wee thing. I found it hard to get into Songs Of Innocence but now... WOW!! I LOVE IT!!! did anyone else find it hard to get into.

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