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Christmas card exchange

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just to let you know that I have been slammed by work leading up to Christmas and my Christmas Cards have turned into New years Cards.


I am sending a card to everyone on the list and sadly it looks like it may be my last year doing so. Next year I'll need to be more selective, which is something I've never done before. I really appreciate the cards I've received, imagine being part of this group and sending cards when there is only one other person on the list that lives in the same hemisphere as you and co-incidentally is your best friend. I've always had to battle overseas postage costs, but they are getting ridiculous. My postage bill alone this year was $102.00


here's hoping that 2015 is wonderful for you all. and that the boys are playing somewhere near you and that you were able to get tickets.

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Thanks to Nikaliptus (love the magnet and the card you made) and to Garycubby (love the U2 green bracelet).  I received both of your cards before Christmas. 


Also, to Illumination72 (thanks for the Irish Soda Bread recipe) and to Pollyanna (thanks for the balloon), I received your cards today, December 29th.

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Figured I'd wait until after New Year's before posting my thank yous, as I seemed to get more cards after Xmas than before (the joys of living a bazillion miles away from most other people on the list)!


So...a very BIG thank you to those who made the effort (and braved the international postage costs) to send your cards to this far flung corner of the world;

Angela - love the 'Sparkling Candle' picture on your card, and the cute bear on your return address label too!

BonosBeagle - I'm glad the tea I sent last year warmed you up during the cold and snowy weather!

electricco - Meilleurs vœux to you as well!  Crossing my fingers I can come to Paris...

garycubby - love the cute gingerbread card, and the purple wristband (how did you know that purple was my new fave colour, haha)!

Ingrida - cute stickers, thanks!

joelle113 - no tour dates for this neck of the woods yet, but hope you're able to catch a show or 2 out your way (I saw them near you for 360 though)...

joshua84 - Buone Feste to you as well...love the cute picture on your card!

LMM - what a lovely idea to share an aerial view of your town, and the meaning behind the name!  Thanks also for the lovely long letter...I have to confess, I'm a terrible correspondent, but I really do love hearing from you, and yes, I did get your PMs.  Will be thinking of you especially on the 7th... xx

padawanbeck84 - thank you so much for the personal message and postcard...your county looks so picturesque!  Glad you liked the stamp on my envelope; I try to pick interesting/fun stamps to use with my cards.

pollyanna - love the party balloon, which arrived in perfect timing on New Year's Eve!

shark_bait - thank you for your very generous little gift, I love it!

u2elshanator - always, always look forward to your fabulous cards, and hunting for all the little hidden gems...you're incredibly talented, sweetheart!

utwothefly - love the Bono glasses on the cute fox!

Zhivvy - thanks for the card, and for organising the list his year!


Wishing everyone a Happy New Year! :)


(me and the lads celebrated at a fancy dress beach party ;))


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Three more cards arrived! :D   They actually arrived yesterday, but my internet was broken, so I had to to wait for it to get fixed before I could post these additional thank yous...


lailaketo - Glædelig Jul, and hugs from Australia right back atcha!  What are the chances that I would get 2 pieces of mail from Denmark yesterday?!? (the other was from Billund...given my avi picture, can you guess who from, haha!)

TerriB. - love the super cheerful picture and matching sentiment on your card, thanks!

U2FanInVT - was really lovely to be able to read a little bit about you and where you live...I doubt I will make it to Montreal this year (it's quite a trek from Australia after all!), but I was there for both shows, and NY/NJ (plus a few others) in 2011!


Thanks again everyone! :)

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