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Presale Code Invalid


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i know i'm probably pissing in the wind, but here goes.....


work internet is blocking access to ASX for the london shows, so had to use the iphone. Seamless all the way up to choosing what type of "seats" i wanted.... (went for GA)


but during this vital step, my google chrome browser decided it wanted to flip out and crash which booted me out of the transaction.... no problem, or so i thought. reopened the browser and logged back in.....inputted my presale code once again only to find the message PRESALE CODE INVALID.



no tickets have been selected, no money has changed hands...so how the hell can the code be invalid?

surely the code should be valid up to the transaction being complete with services and or goods purchased?


isnt the clue in the word SALE?


anyway... is there any way to reset the code so it actually works like it is SUPPOSED TO?


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