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Biffy Clyro did something along these lines for their subscribers recently.


Three shows over three nights at Barrowlands in Glasgow (they are a Scottish band for those unfamiliar with them). Only subscribers could apply for tickets I believe.


Having made 6 albums so far in their career, on night one they only played songs from album 1 and 4, on night two songs from albums 2 and 5 and then songs from 3 and 6 on night three. Long sets (27 to 30 songs a night), so pretty much played every album track they've ever released over the three nights.


Obviously U2 are a bit further into their career but an interesting idea that could be partially borrowed possibly?


In terms of where, one show will only ever be viable for a minority of people, but you would hope that at this stage of their game (being shall we say, financially secure), if they did choose to do this then you would hope that maybe there could be at least one in Europe, one in North America and maybe another in the Southern hemisphere, depending on where the largest numbers of subscribers are grouped.


Places closest to hub airports with the best links to the most places would make the most sense to me. 


By the way, are we allowed to know how many subscribers there are? A comment earlier in the thread was slightly ambiguous and made it look as if this is confidential information?


Could someone enlighten me please?

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