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U2 Reschedules 'Tonight Show' Appearance (watch live)


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"That's got to hurt! Bono and Jimmy Fallon recreate U2 singer's bicycle accident for upcoming appearance on The Tonight Show"

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-3066961/Bono-Jimmy-Fallon-recreate-U2-singer-s-bicycle-accident-upcoming-appearance-Tonight-Show.html#ixzz3ZB1zUebh 
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Edge has a Rickenbacker guitar in one of those photos...could mean they'll play Mysterious Ways as part of their performance! 


EDIT: got that one wrong, apparently the three songs played were Beautiful Day, Angel of Harlem and Song for Someone.

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NewYork Daily news had photos of Bono and JimmyFallon shooting shooting a sketch where Bono is riding a bike and gets hit by a van!


There was also Robert Deniro spreading sun block on a bikini clad Aubrey Plaza for a movie where he plays an old per!!


And I got to meet the band "Spandau Ballet" this week and they were great and their fans and management were hospitable and very cool.


If you get a chance...watch Jimmy Fallon and Jack Black re-do the song "more than words" on you tube ...its great.


God Bless

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