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Hope you enjoyed an unforgettable night!


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I was totally bummed tonight that I had to let go of my GA tickets for tonight (I'm already recovering from reconstructive surgery on two shoulders, and then the week before the show I got major muscle tears in BOTH legs!). There's really no such thing as a bad U2 show in my 30 years (! -- OMG, I feel so old -- !) of seeing them, but I've heard rumors that tonight was particularly special.


Best wishes to all who went. Whether they played your favorite song or not and wherever you were in the arena, I hope you took in the whole spectacle and all the passion!


Psychologists have studied extensively what kinds of things people can do to be happiest in the long run. When they buy fancy cars or houses or somesuch, they inevitably and very quickly adjust to take such things as the norm, and cease to be made happier by them than they were by less fancy and expensive things.


Experiences, though -- travel, meeting people and a particular and unrepeatable set of sights, sounds, and other feelings -- those pleasures are among the few that don't diminish wish time, and more often grow from value even from a spectacular start.


So treasure this night, and may you have many even more spectacular and memorable!


Sarah Dylan Breuer

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