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Pre-sale codes...what's the point?

Guest ONE01

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Guest ONE01

Why have we all paid $50 for presale codes that, if you're in "boots", are pretty much useless?


I say that because we have a far smaller percentage of tickets to fight over (10% - minus those sold to "horizon" and "breathe"). I'drather waste my $50 code and wait for Friday than have to get rubbish seats.


Whoever decided that only 10% tickets go on sale for presale is a complete *****.


I realise there will be a lot of people in the general sale on Friday - but also 9 times as many tickets available.


Last tour I used my code for London but was still able to get a pair of GAs for the 2nd show in the general sale.


As long as you're on PC at 9am Friday you have a decent chance of getting tickets.

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