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Crowdfunding to see todays replacement show


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We are going well with our crowdfunding campaign to fly #back2stockholm to see the replacement show. Sundaynight right after the show we had to fly back to Holland for our work.

Now lots of people from all over the world donate small and bigger amount for us to be able to see the replacement show after Sundays disastrous evening. We were very sad and disappointed and thought it would be impossible to attend the replacement show because we needed to back to Holland for work.

Our crowdfunding page is at www.back3stockholm.nl/english We have raised 500 euro since yesterday afternoon! Thanks for all of you how participated. We are in conversation with the airliner KLM in order for them to cut/sponsor the price partly (because the lastminute prices are too high now).

We still need 300 euro's in total for both of our return tickets from Amsterdam to Stockholm. Can you help us reach that goal?

If it works we will take the 5pm flight to arrive in Stockholm at 7pm and be at the venue at 8pm. We will fly back to Holland right after the show to show up for work Wednesday.

Check out our crowdfunding page and help us with a small or bigger PayPal donation. Thanks to all of you! There is no them! There is only us.

It always seems impossible, until it is done...

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