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What do you think of POP?


What do you think of POP?  

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This site lists every track and snippet from every tour.




I read a bit of it and was reminded of MacPhisto singing Hanging On The Telephone, Solid Gold Easy Action,

Are You Lonesome Tonight, My Way, Moon River,

Al Martino's Spanish Eyes, Singin' In The Rain,

Getting To Know You, Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head, Satisfaction, and many others.

Macphisto liked some pretty sweet jams, man...

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Just like with the U2 Shinjuku (File Under Fan Fiction) thread and the Comprehensive U2 Playlist For Your Enjoyment thread, I have extended my obsessive playlist producing proclivities to one I call

Ultraviolet: Soundtrack To The End Of The World.


It began as a way of compiling songs and artists mentioned in Bill Flanagan's U2 At The End Of The World as well as any U2 have mentioned in articles and books from the era.

I've since drawn from various websites like u2setlists.com and generally lifted every rock to find material.


It was natural to go for a great feel from song to song, though putting together something with feel that includes artists as diverse as Einstürzende Neubauten,

Happy Mondays, Scott Walker, T. Rex, Sly And The Family Stone, KMFDM, Frank Sinatra, Kraftwerk, Al Green,

Public Enemy, My Bloody Valentine, and many, many others was never going to be an easy task!


In time, I found myself wanting to tell the story of the time using U2's influences.

U2's path is in there as well,

though it's the story of others encountering the new post-Communist world.

Actually, there is no music by U2 in it so far

(799 songs and counting).

I thought, there's a sonic story here.

I'd never heard of Insekt or The Young Gods,

nor had I heard of Marxmen

(Thank you, BP Fallon!),

but now that I had,

how could I do something that was more like a story than simply a seemingly infinite playlist?


Between the fall of the East,

the Berlin Wall coming down,

immigration from the former Eastern Bloc,

the Gulf War,

the L.A. riots,

the 1992 U.S. Election campaign,

xenophobia in Europe,

Sarajevo's devastation and ethnic cleansing atrocities,

an E.U. trying to hold itself together while deciding if it had a soul,

as well as lighter things so the whole trip doesn't sound like a dirge,

there was a lot of content with which to mold a meaningful soundtrack to those times.


Of course, my job is to make it flow so it can be enjoyed whether you know the story being told or not.


The project has taken me to some very interesting places!

I've had Bill Flanagan on the phone twice.

One time, I bought a Hot Press magazine from 1992.

I'd interacted with the seller a few times about the item.

The seller answered my queries and sent the magazine quickly.

Two days after it arrived,

I decided to throw out the package it had come in when I noticed who'd sent it:

Joe Jackson.


Now, that's an awfully common name, but...


It was also sent from Dublin.

Didn't a guy named Joe Jackson who worked for Hot Press interview Bono a time or two,

including one that was quoted in Bill's book?

Yes, he did.

Bono recites a poem in it called In Cold Blood...


I contacted him and sure enough it was Joe.

He proceeded to send a few other interview bits,

as well as an autographed Hot Press magazine!


So, it all feels like a mission now...


I hope I haven't blabbed too much here!!

Thank you for asking!

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I've considered having U2 gate crash the thing in some way.

Not sure if I want to do that yet though.


One tricky thing is that not all of their influences were easy on the ears at first.

However, many unlikely suspects have grown on me.

KMFDM and Einstürzende Neubauten immediately come to mind as artists whom I couldn't get into until some time passed.

It was also interesting to learn that Bono is a massive Pixies fan.

He's in the Pixies documentary from 2002.

It's either called Gouge or Gouge Away, I believe.

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