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London are we ******* excited !

dazed and confused

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Well as i sit here with my glass of Primitivo contemplating another U2 Tour thought i would share my feelings . U2 are not cool anymore (Yawn) NME love to slag them off YAWN  ,everyone loves to have a pop at Bono ,maybe he has said a few silly things over the years (haven't we all) , but he says it from the heart unless my people reading skills have gone all to cock. The latest album wow lyrically up there with the best please play The Troubles :D,  remember queuing at 5 am  for tickets at Manchester Apollo back in 84, Milton Keynes Bowl 85 ish ?? pissed down all day and then the boys came on stage and the sun came out overnight camping at the NEC for tickets for the Zoo Tour , Nou Camp Barcelona forget the tour,but what a show , 3 days before i got married getting picked on a fledging U2.com to get tickets for The Astoria show and then getting so pissed i can't remember a fookin thing about the most intimate U2 experience :(  :( And still at the ripe old age of 21  :D  :D  i look foward to this tour as i always have done, a genuine band who tell it how it is and  never let you down in a live setting bring it fookin on        

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