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I just checked my U2 folder and it has over 4000 files and is just over 27gb mostly music and some video, what am I missing?, what is out there that is unusual or worthy of having?, I was going to put in a list but it would take all day, obviously have all the studio albums, but what else would be considered a must have? I'm talking for my pc not physical albums / collections. Any suggestions people?

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I wish I could download a copy of Red, Hot & Blue  an album of Cole Porter covers and U2 covering Night & Day. I have the Folkshare album where they do Jesus Christ. There was also an album of Elvis covers where Bono sings Can't Help Falling In Love, which was different to the B side they released around the time of Rattle & Hum. I'm sure you have all of these so if you know where I can find them, much appreciated. 

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the Elvis covers album was the soundtrack to Honeymoon In Vegas.

Bono recorded it with BP Fallon on drums between the first European tour for Achtung Baby and U2's return to the US for the Outside Broadcast tour.


Night And Day,

in the form you hear it on Red Hot And Blue,

may not have appeared anywhere else yet because it was an AIDS benefit album.

I am not sure,

that's just my guess.


Since I do not know what is in your massive file of music,

I run the risk of recommending a number of things you already have.

At the moment,

I am inclined to recommend The Million Dollar Hotel soundtrack,

In A Lifetime (Bono w/Clannad),

Snakecharmer (The Edge w/Jah Wobble and Holger Czukay),

Sugar Daddy (The Edge and Tom Jones),


Tomorrow '96 (Bono and Adam Clayton, from the Common Ground compilation).


In my All About U2 section thread entitled "A Comprehensive U2 Playlist For Your Enjoyment",

you may find a few other titles that you did not recognize.

Happy Hunting!

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