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Hi Everyone


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I have been away from here for awhile, similar to a hermit crab I think, go into my shell sometimes.


So far 2015 has been a lot better than 2014 for my family and I,


can,t say I have been listening to a lot of U2 lately but they are never to far out of the picture for me.



To tell you the truth Songs of Innocence will stand as an ode to a time in my life


when there was a lot of uncertainty, yet somehow even though its release culminated in a personal tragedy in my family


I found it a deeply moving and rewarding musical experience and am starting to grow hungry for the next chapter in


this bands amazing musical journey.


If they were to release something tommorrow I would have to say I would prefer it to be raw and rock fueled.



Perhaps along the lines of War,


I am not angry with life to want this kind of music right now.


It just puts me in a place that knows no sadness, which suits me just fine.



Just have to add in that we are pretty happy in NZ right now with our awesome All Blacks securing a second world title


to back up the home victory four years ago. A great group of men lead by arguably the greatest player of modern times in Richie McCaw.



Thanks for reading and have a great day all.





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Hi Pain


Everything i do these days outside of work is late.


So my reply is better late than never I guess.


How are you.


My family and I are getting back on track as far as I can tell.


My wife and I went to see Chris Cornell with his acoustic Higher Truth show in Auckland the other night.


That man has an incredibly powerful voice, and he put out a top notch performance.



Like many around the globe we are waiting for a possible announcement from U2 as to when they might possibly come down to our little corner of the world.


Even some new music from them would be warmly welcomed.


My poetry within has not manifested itself for quite a while now.


It really was something I did not expect and miss those times 


when it was really just flowing out of me.



One of these days it may return and I would welcome it.


I just don,t want any more heartbreak though.


I guess we have no say in the matter sometimes though as life and death all ways seem to touch our lives when we least expect it.



But right now I am going to look forward to happy times.

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  Great Photo you posted up there, great thoughts !! I love Chris Cornell too !!!  I haven't  been drawing like expected, either, so I get your feelings about the lack of inspiration for writing......Yeah I guess life's just a big mystery, I'm more confused than ever but indeed trying to see the happy side of things, even when there isn't one... Hope everything is going well with you, Scott-ZOO-Cat !!!

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