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Where In The World are U2 ?


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 I created this thread so we can all keep up with U2's activities, feel free to post any photos of the band if you have luckily spotted them or photos of places-cities-things that you think relate to the band or a song of theirs or stuff....Since I don't have an Instagram account nor do I intend to create one, I thought you happy people might like this kind of thread.

  PS: Photo stolen from U2's official facebook - page !!!


  Feel free to post anything that crosses your mind, any subject is open to discussion  but it would be nice if you would add a U2-realted-photo too (again, not necessarily with the four band-members in it !)....


From Edge's Latest Instagram Post, also posted on U2's official fb-page (Credit-THE EDGE) Edge: Distorted Desert Windmill...  -


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We used to use the following section


have moved this topic there (here..)


   What Happened?   Did I create the thread under the wrong topic ?  :(


no, its fine, I just moved it to the 'Net News & Rumours section, there is an existing similar topic here called "Where's Bono' http://zootopia.u2.com/topic/26808-wheres-bono-merged/- but I guess you widened it out, so thats fine

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   Thanks, Bigwave !!!

   Bono in Myanmar a few weeks ago -



   This is also for those who want to save these pics to their pc without having to create an instagram account !


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