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I caught up to the Apple controversy today, and the "new" album.


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I honestly cannot believe an entire album and tour has happened since I last checked in.

It really is possible to live in an entirely different universe from others, even on this small planet of ours.


I discovered the Apple download controversy today.

I also discovered that I, too, have the Songs album in my iCloud and on my phone.

I had no idea.

What a joy to find today!

And this was a controversy??


I listened to the album.

So fine... so finely etched...

The songs are very sticky...


It Is A Grand Accomplishment!


Thank you!

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it is a truly exquisite album...

I had no idea.

Voice from DC, Obama!!? :D


Nah...he would not be posting on the U2 forum, would he?! I mean Presidents should concern themselves with other things..(no offense to U2..hah) he might have been busy with being President to even care about tweeting..lol and posting on a U2 forum..and never realizing the U2 download of Songs Of Innocence on his ipod!! :lol:




And yes, I agree it is a very great album! Thanks for posting and welcome to the forum! :)

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Hello LAWoman,

I remember you.  We have chatted some. Nice to see you!


Yeah...the album is just terrific!  I really have played it too many times now. 

I forced myself to turn it off after the second day (I think). But it would hardly matter,

the songs are so sticky, that their melodies just maraud around in the mind mixing endlessly and perfectly.


I think I am in trouble.   :P   

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