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So... This Joshua Tree Tour Thing...


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On 6/20/2017 at 6:56 AM, pain_18_ said:

  Yes....that's Life.....So what is a Muskie...? A type of fish, crocodile, alligator ???

It is a fish.  It is a top of the line predator.  They are smart and elusive and very beautiful.  Here is a pic.  It's sad these guys will have this one mounted rather than letting it go to be free.  I always catch and release as they are not edible unless starving.  Some say yes but they are not.    So here is the pic.  It gives you an idea of the size of these things and they are in relatively small lakes quite often.  They will follow the lure straight up to the boat just to tease a person, or so it seems.  They are very, very intuitive and elusive.

Image result for pictures of muskies
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  I just read a bunch of reviews off TM about this tour.  People are not liking the political tone of this tour.  How could they expect anything else?  They are saying Bono cannot hit the high notes.  I say you go out there and sing for two hours every night and then bitch.  Who can sing the same as he or she did thirty plus years ago?  Elton John cannot and he was amazing the last time I saw him. 

I did not get the segue into the woman aspect of the show.  It fell flat for me but then I went with the flow and it was great to see all those women on the screen.  Reviewers were bitching about all the women on the screen being liberals.  Was Rosa Parks a liberal or an incredibly brave and strong woman?   I don't get it.  I should say I did not get it until I noticed most of the bitching was about getting into and out of the venue and the price of parking and the hassles of getting out of the venue.

Some even bitched it was fine if you like Hillary but not if you liked Trump.  Aren't these the same people telling others that the election is over and move on with it?  It's funny how it goes back to the first inning for a rant to complain because you did not prepare and get there early and figure out how to get to and from a venue before you drove to it.

One even complained of there being no guitar in RHMT.  I'll bet she or he missed the guitar in MOTD.   I'm so tempted to go to Minneapolis or Indy to see them.  I'd pay just to see MOTD again.

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