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2nd days added to the tour will they also get U2.com presale? (MERGED)


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As of right now, there is no mention of additional shows.

Yeah, but it's pretty clear from the (so far, very accurate) rumors that there will be (e.g., a 2nd Chicago show), given sales are going well, of course.


Regarding janwillem17's question, that's a tough one.  Usually, in the past (e.g., the 360 tour), added shows would just show up on TM (say, an hour into sales of the first show), and that would be that.  No presale, no nothing.  But, as I recall, for I & E 2015, U2 management would often wait for a bit, and then announce additional shows later--and that you could then use your remaining codes (if any) for these (I think).  Anybody else remember how this went w/the I & E tour?


So anyway, bottom line, it's unclear, which bites.  I actually have this problem too.

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with I+E they had presales when they added the Irish dates but no further presale codes were added. I knew this would happen so deliberately didn't use mine for the earlier presales for other venues, so that I could enter the Dublin presales. As for additional dates for already sold venues, I THINK they had extra presales sometimes but not sure...

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I+E definitely had extra presales for additional shows.

But for stadium gigs this is often not the case, so I would like to have some information on this too.


This way I can decide whether to buy 2 tickets for one show so I can have another 2 for the second date, or 4 for show 1 so I can trade.

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I had the same question so have looked back at my old email records.


On I+E, there were pre-sales for at additional dates in NY, Chicago, Boston, Montreal, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Berlin, Paris, Barcelona, and London.  Likely Dublin to although I'm not certain on that one. 

In other words, these shows were announced AFTER the first shows sold out, with a little bit of warning before the pre-sales began (probably a day's warning, maybe more).



On 360 Tour Final Leg, there were separate pre-sales for the 2nd (added) show and then for the 3rd (added later) show in Mexico City.

Same applied in Brazil, Argentina, NZ and Australia.


On 360 Tour First Leg, there were separate pre-sales for the added 2nd shows in Paris and London.


I'd say there were many more as well, I stopped looking after the above.



So, based on this, I think that when U2 announce additional Joshua Tree shows, they will likely give notice and allow pre-sale access to people who have not used their full pre-sale allotment.

***note this is just my guess*** but I think it's a well-educated guess !

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Anybody in the states who can perhaps call u2.com anf try get an answer?



Someone can call, but I can guarantee that the answer you will receive will be similar to "As of right now, there is no mention of additional shows."


*IF* there are additional shows, these would be announced at a later time...

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