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absolute BS and No response to any of my questions/posts today... my first gig Feb 1983 War Tour and have followed the band cross Europe and USA for DECADES... looks like the 2 nights at Hydro Glasgow on I&E Tour will be my last as so pissed of at being shafted by U2/Ticketmaster with the RZ Presale F@*K UP today.. this is the last straw, been a member since the inception of the U2.com fansite and prior to that a 'Propoganda' subscriber... wont be renewing my membership when up for renewal in March, far far to easy to push the queries towards TM and absolve themselves of any responsibility/ownership of the issues today.... very very poor indeed


So sorry to hear you've had problems today too msw.  Can totally relate.  Didn't see your posts before but I'm sure mods here are doing their best to keep up. 


I disagree though - This isn't a U2.com issue but a TM issue.  Wish U2 + U2.com could get TM to have ONE presale go smoothly for fans.  This is the worst I've personally experienced. 


RZ presale was a shambles, no code required in a presale... seriously?  thats their bloody job to get the basics right and a huge cock-up has left genuine fans without tickets whilst random non members were allowed to freely buy them without a code, absolute disgrace!  and apparently there are further RZ tickets to be released in Wire presale and then Public Sale... WHY??? where is the loyalty to the longterm fans?    ALL areas should be first and foremost available to the longterm fans and IF and only IF there are tickets remaining then they should be released in the second and third phases.... THAT isnt a TM decision, that should be a directive from U2


I got 2 RZ tickets right at 9:00 am... I had to use the required code and that bot challenger. 

Ordered those and went back and checked the other VIP packages and seats. Ended up 

using the Red Hill choice for the other 2 seats. Ticketmaster is ALWAYS a gamble. When 

all was said and done I got four tickets and was done by 9:15. Luck was on my side for the

first time ever. 


If it makes a difference, I used Chrome desktop, Don't give up hope. You never know 

what tomorrow will bring. If you are a member of the Lumineers, they are also having an

early release for tickets Friday at 9am.


I renewed my fan club membership early, figuring they'd be some big things this year. 

So glad I did. 


Good luck! 

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FYI @Max / zoo mods - I can get access still to CHI GA but not Vancouver. So somethings messed up with TM & the code or allotments.


CHI will be my fallback but seriously?

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I had great seats (former Red Hill member who finally gave up and then had to rejoin as a Wire member) and apparently missed the whole 60 second time-limit on her 100 level seats. I tried repeatedly with no availability messages. Cleared my cache and was able to get some nosebleeds. At least I'm going, right? Ticketmaster is TERRIBLE. Good luck everyone!

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