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Is there any chance for a tour date in Rome?


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Hi, as far as you all know, is theresome little chance that the U2 make a further date in Rome, Italy?

Or it is absolutely sure that the only dates in Italy will be the two in Milan?


No info there is on the site, but also the second date in Milan was decided only recently, so I have a very little hopebored.gif


I'm asking this 'cause they in the past always made a date in Rome but now there is nothing about it.


And I really really would like to go but I have a little baby that is very hard for me to leave also only forone day.

So my great hope is for a new date in Rome..

Some rumors?



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Ciao, yes I know aboutthe 2nd date in Milan and probably I'll buy a ticket for that date but..
for me is hard because I live in Rome and I have a little daughter that is used to get sleep only with me...
So to leave her also if it is only for one night is a very great sacrifice.
I continue hoping for a date in Rome, and in the meanwhile I'll buy the ticket for Milan.
But I'm angry with U2...why don't they think also to the Mummy-fan????




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