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Have to Count - the new and improved one :P


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Cop: " Ok folks..... Everybody step away from The Edge !!! " WHY???  We just want to ask for some autographs and maybe a photo...Is that sooooo wrooooong ????

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40  147  On another note....I think  U2 channeled Linkin Park's " the little things give you away" in their new song " The Little things that give you away ".....Bono predicted Chester's death.....Bono has that gift..... (see U2 by U2)........

What I also mean is that, for some strange reason...When I first listened to the new U2 song..I thought about Link Park's song and then about Chester's lyrics and struggle throughout, I dunno why.......and then it happened........... Like Bono...I seem to connect to the collective consciousness ...

Like I was saying way back (can't prove it..........)...a week before the release of SOI I though about these two things :

Once we are born, we begin to forget, the very reason we came

To know your own tricks, well it's the hardest thing you'll ever do....


And then SOI was released and the words were there and I fell off my chair.......when I heard them.....

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