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Have to Count - the new and improved one :P


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Overcast weather today. 🍀 🐇   

Be well, all                                                   






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45, 467 - Here, it's nice and sunny again today, although last night we did have a very half-hearted attempt at a thunderstorm. Literally, there was one flash of lightning, one rumble of thunder and that was it. 

Most rubbish thunderstorm ever - almost like the weather couldn't be bothered :lol:

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45, 469 - The UK death toll is over 12,000 and the official numbers are only counting those who die in hospital, so the real number is even higher than that.

There are a lot of cases in care homes that are not being counted, for example. And staff *still* don't have enough equipment. Two of my neighbours work in an elderly care home and I'm especially scared for them :(

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45470 In Belgium all casualties are counted, including the people who die in care homes. Most of the people die in those care homes now. In a lot of those homes many patients and personnel are  infected. 

It's a disaster because the homes were neglected at first when all the attention went to the hospitals. Many people who work in those care homes still don't have proper material to protect themselves. Only a few

days ago the authorities started testing in the care homes to see who is infected and who not. In quite a few care homes the majority of both personnel and patients is infected. Personnel that is infected but

doesn't have symptoms of corona is allowed to  continue their job at the moment.

The total number of casualties here lies above 4000 people now. That is proportianally more than in other countries, but people who died presumably from corona (so without proof) are part of the statistics

with the corona victims.

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I wonder how many people have got corona Virus and don't know it in the world 🌏🤔

And HOW many people in the world in total have died from          Corona Virus🌏🤔

Including people that did know or people did know they had it when they died🌏🤔

It was a very sad Easter I couldn't see my parents. No more than two people together unless live together. 

Australia all overseas people have been stopped from coming in Australia all transport. 

And all transport stopped most Jobs lot How many people out of work in the world now🌏🤔

For How long and what will happen to the bands on tour to Australia🎸🥁🎤🎸🌏🤔

Maybe other places around the world too. 🌍🤔

We all have so many questions a lot we don't know because they only count in serton places. 

And manly the States you live. 🌏

When will it stop around the world everyone😭

IT'S so sad. 

We need U2 music to cheer us all up and help put our minds elsewhere. 😃


I have heard enough of it even the word I now just call it the V

They should all join in to help make a cure around the world. 

Adelaide are somewhere. 👏👏👏👏

I hope other states do too together we may find a cure we can't give up on finding a cure a vaccine. 💉

LET'S all pray that they all find a cure around the world and quickly too. 💉🙏💓

Be well around the world eceryone stay inside wash hands count to 10 then was the soap off after eating do it again. Wipe things down and don't leave dirty things laying around. We must all do our part to stop the V too. 

I heard last week in Adelaide they are working on a cure a Vaccine for the V. 💉👏Let's all count the days for that to really happen it is worth counting for that. 💉🙏💓👍👏👏

I wish everyone to be well around the world I will put big letters for this word mods. 

ESPECIALLY to U2 they are close to my heart and a big thanks to them for giving money towards it too. 

Love to all. 🌏🙏💓



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45472 - Two friends of mine, who also happen to be guitarist and drummer in the UK's leading all-female Ramones tribute band (The Ramonas), doing an instrumental of In A Little While. Who here remembers the link between The Ramones and this song? 

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