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Tickets unsellable and untradable!


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36 minutes ago, vertigojds said:

This doesn't make sense - the CC-entry restricted tickets were supposed to require an ID check at the gate.  Having the credit card wasn't supposed to be enough - the credit card had to be in your name, and you had to have a matching photo ID.  Anyone not possessing both the credit card and the matching photo ID is supposed to be turned away at the gate.

What's the point of having CC entry if the venue refuses to enforce the rules?  The entire system is worthless if they allow you to submit a credit card without checking ID.


I agree that it's basically worthless if its not going to be enforced.

I guess the theory was that the mere THREAT of id-check was supposed to be enough to deter scalpers from attempting the gift card trick.

But this is NOT the first tour to utilize credit card entry. There have been numerous other artists using the CC-entry system for the last 10 years or so, and in that time, scalpers already learned the drill.  (I think it was Tom Waits, of all people, who had the first tour to experiment with this system.)

(And while the scalping of U2 CC-entry tickets didn't disappear completely, perhaps it did make a small dent into the number of aftermarket tickets floating around.)

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On ‎5‎/‎27‎/‎2017 at 3:26 PM, rlj1010 said:

The scalpers circumvented the whole CC-entry restriction by buying up pre-paid Visa/Amex gift cards, and then placing the ticket orders on them, and then just shipping the gift cards to their buyers.   So the buyers go to the venue with the gift cards, and the usher at the gate scans it like a regular credit card, and they're in!   

(Buying CC-entry tickets on gift cards is not supposed to be allowed, but it doesn't really get enforced.)

But anyway...  The next time there's a CC-entry tour, be it U2 or any other artist, I will buy my tickets via the same method as the scalpers, on a gift card.  So that way, if something legitimately comes up, I won't be truly stuck and can try to get my money back...  Lesson learned!

yes that would work but you'll need to know exactly how much to put on the card.  If GA tickets are $70, the final price wont be $70 because of all the fees and it will vary by venue and state sales taxes. So two GA's are going to be 175-190. So you could get the card with $200 on it to make sure it will go through, but then you'd be out the excess amount (plus the card issuance fees which can be a couple percent) left on the card.

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