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Any word on any added shows in Chicago? (MERGED)

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tadzax, on 19 Jan 2017 - 12:19 PM, said:

Does anyone think they will add a 3rd show?  Friday maybe?

You mean June 2nd?  Before the first announced show?  Not even mentioning that the band doesn't play three consecutive nights, but has any band ever added an additional show before the first announced show?


The only day they could possibly add for a third show is Tuesday, June 6 but, with them playing in Pittsburgh the following night, I would think that is highly unlikely.

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The gripes about no real pre-sale since there are fan club bundles is unfounded imo. The Red Hill group is for anyone with an active membership prior to the announcement (or a bit earlier). So only johnny come lately sign ups are treated the same as the fan club packages. I'm fine with this since it's those fans that continue to keep their membership that get rewarded rather than people that just re join for tickets because a tour is coming. Seems fair and equitable to me. Would like to hear the case for why the way they did it is unfair.

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