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Absolute Disgrace! (MERGED)

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On 1/18/2017 at 3:26 PM, msw said:

with you 100%...  membership up in March and WONT be getting renewed. I have spent £000's and £000's over the years on tours across USA, Europe and no end of Limited Edition merchandise, have an entire cupboard full of the stuff but this is the end of the road for me...  lost touch a long time ago and not to mention the recent lame excuse for yet another delay in the album release... I personally couldnt give a shit how 'relevant' it is in these Brexit/Trump times.... it should be about the music, not a political statement... 

are you sure your membership didn't lapse at least once? i have paid for years and never had any problem getting what i wanted. sorry about your trouble. i think if it lapses, you kinda go back to the bottom. but you probably got screwed due to the secondary ticket scalper "hustle" going on behind the scenes. the band has to be complicit. 

the worst is announcing a tour in pieces. finding out they aren't coming near so making arrangement to go across the frickin country only to find out the day after the credit card bill comes for the tickets, flight, rent a car, and hotel that the band is playing 5 miles from your house you just didn't know it yet.

and you re right. the political thing needs to be "rebranded" at the very least. nobody is as liberal as Bono claims to be.  throwing up photos of  HRC and Ellen with Rosa Parks? i apologize Rosa. that whole spiel has to be wearing thin on the other band members. it is embarrassing to me for him. last night he went on a rampage and at the end there were 50,000 Daniel Boones kinda looking at him. Quietest moment i can ever remember at a show. 

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