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Anyone receive Collector ticket for Amsterdam yet ?

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Don't worry. I haven't received them either.
For several shows in the Netherlands I ordered collector tickets and I have never received them earlier than 2 weeks before show date.

Once I got them 4 days before the concert! 
I do know they send them out earlier when you don't live in the Netherlands though, but no idea how much earlier...

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I just talk to a kind lady at TM Netherland, I want to know about my collector ticket. I upgrade from É - ticket to collector ticket 5 month ago, and they take my money for upgrade (no problem). Now she can see they not upgrade me, but I can still use my E - ticket, and they will send my collector tic later. But it was a gift for my daughter, and this is not what I want and pay for!

Why have so many people problem with TM all the time?

They have to much power, they only want the money, but they can't handle it. This is not professional!

(sorry for my English) but I'm not happy!

I r

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Now it's one year since I pay for my Collector ticket for JT2017 in Amsterdam, but still got nothing! (I upgrade from E-ticket)

4 weeks ago I email them again, and they will answer me within 5 days, still nothing, no email!


I just want you all in the Zoo to know how Fucked Up this company is, but I think you all already know.

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That's great Mal. :)

But I will be calling and emailing TM in Netherland till I have my ticket!! :angry:

I talk to TM in Denmark, they can't help me, but they say in Denmark customers ALWAYS get there Collector ticket, also if they are late.

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