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Seattle Live Thread #U2TheJoshuaTree2017

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2 hours ago, berger_william said:

Anybody know what poster looks like and what they're charging?

We saw some wilding promotional posters throughout Seattle last night while downtown, would be cool to have one but they are glued down and damage easily if a person tries to remove them plus with the all the rain (as it is currently pouring as I type this) it makes the paper rather mushy. Unsure if they will have that style for sale down at the venue, if it rains during the show it may deter people from buying paper-related items. May weather here can be unpredictable here.

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3 minutes ago, JohnLynn said:

New GA at TM gone already.

I would not be surprised if more pop up tonight or tomorrow. A lot of tickets still available via resellers who you may see drop prices come tomorrow....if it is pouring rain here, and people want to go the 200 level are the Club Seats and are covered as are some of the 100 level.


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58 minutes ago, kbrownpsu said:

What happens if we can't make the 6/7am checkin tomorrow morning?

Remember that check-in time is only if you signed up down at the venue with whomever was handling the list. My guess is anyone who doesn't show up at the requested times of 7pm and 7am will be crossed off the list. That is the whole premise of the list, since it is fan-based, they expect everyone to show up at the agreed upon times rather than people just showing up an hour or so before showtime and say "Hey I am here for my spot!".

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