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Dear Sirs. 

My name is Rafael Molina, I am from Venezuela, and from 1997 i had been in every U2 tour because you are my favorite band. From Paris (1997 pop mart tour) to Chicago (IE Tour, that i went in 3 of 5 shows) i've been there. I am living in Venezuela and i spend my family hollidays to go to U2 concerts around world, and we enjoy it.


I am writing to you to speak about Venezuela situation, and try to fin if there is an email or someone to write to try to explain the band the "revolution" that we are living, were in just 58 days of pacific protest, the "regimen" have kill more than 50 people (students mostly) that they just are protesting for venezuela condition. We are the majority now!! We need the world to know about Venezuela, we are in a dictator regime!!! The Govertment is killing his citizen, the 80% of people are starving.... i'ts a revolution that the majority of people of my country don't want. In every march, there is 2 to 5 people killed by regime army.... the older, the youngest, the fathers, mothers, are marching today for a democracy, and these "socialist" govertment don't let us live!!!!

Today i am going to march against the regime (for my fellow citizen, for my family, for my future), and i don't know if i will come back... 

In order to speak loud about my country i need your help. I wil be in Washington DC on Jun20. I already have my tickets (i don't asking for)... i will go with my daugther (10y) and will be her firts U2 gig.... and i need to tell everybody what it's happen in Venezuela #SOSVENEZUELA.

If you don't have the power to bring this letter to someone who can help us... please let me know to who i need to write or contact.


Sincerily yours...


Rafael E Molina G (42 years old, father of 2 beautifull girls who wants to live in a peace, in democracy, in my country....)

[MOD EDIT: No personal information on the board. thanks]



U2 subscriber from 2002.

Wi will se you on Jun20.... and maybe in Barcelona too (my brother live there and have the tickets)

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