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Where to park?


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Parking at Soldier Field is very expensive.  It was fifty bucks for the 360 tour or another show that same year.  It's probably even more now.

You can go to these websites and order parking right now:   parkwhiz.com and spothero.com   Enter Chicago as the city.  Then either you enter or scroll down to Soldier Field and the U2 show pops up and a number of available parking lots with spots will appear on a map.  The one closest to Soldier Field is a hundred bucks.  We chose not to use that one.  :)

You don't want to be anywhere near Soldier Field as it is on Lake Michigan which means everyone must swim or go another direction.  It is also close to a very busy section of Chicago.  We usually park a mile or so away and walk.  By the time we are in our car and getting on the highway...we'd still be sitting and going nowhere if we parked at SF.

BTW:  I spoke with people at Soldier Field earlier today.  I was told that they have never had CC only entry like these U2 shows.  We are allowing an especially long amount of spare time once at SF just in case. We've been there many times.  It gets really crazy if you are not familiar.  The good news is Chicago is a special city and especially so for U2. 

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Check out parking apps like Spot Hero.  Honestly, unless you're fine dealing with a mess to get in and potentially a long time to get out, I would look for parking nearby and allow plenty of time for a nice stroll over to Soldier Field via the Museum Campus.   Look for something close to Michigan/Roosevelt.  There's a bridge over on the south end of the Stadium as well through the neighborhood but it's a little trickier to find.  Good luck and enjoy the show!


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