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You Too - A Poem of Some Sort (A Tribute to 69 Songs)


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This is a Song for Someone, for anyone who cares to listen… written from borrowed words. 

Time: 11 O’Clock – Tick Tock – Tick Tock.

With or Without You,  I will Always continue to find What I am Looking For. 

See that Indian Summer Sky?  It’s A Different Kind of BlueStaring at The Sun.

Can’t you see it too?  It’s a Beautiful Day. 


Bloody Sunday or Another Day?

Famine, poverty, sickness and death – it surrounds us in every corner of the world, even Where the Streets Have No Name.  Rich, poor, black or white – we should all be united as One.  But it’s Heaven and Hell.  We are divided and we are at war.  Where is our Freedom?  Independence is almost around the corner – 4th of July and fireworks will ignite.  Let us all pray for Peace on Earth.


We walk through Mysterious Ways in search for a Miracle.  Have you found it?

Deep in the Heart, it beats with Every Breaking Wave from The Ocean, trying to find that Ordinary Love… and there, in an instant, the moment seems to elude me.  Breathe.  I feel Vertigo. I am Out of Control.  Don’t let me fall now.

It’s so simple – all I Want is You.  This is not Desire. It seems like Fire, burning hot, like the Desert of Our Love.  Do You Feel Loved?  Love is Blindness.  Smile – you know that Some Days Are Better Than Others.


How can I Walk On?  You are the Sweetest Thing I have ever seen.  Like a Flower Child lost in the emerald valleys of the North.  Elevation is Love, and I find myself in a surreal world… Stuck In a Moment You Can’t Get Out Of.   HELP! Please, I am in despair.  I march aimlessly through a City of Blinding Lights.  The Native Son has left and I find myself Running to Stand Still.  To wait – God Will Send His Angels tonight.

Stay – Go.  I keep on falling.  Someone please Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me – but NEVER Kill Me.


I awaken at the crossroad of Cedarwood Road.  I am in the Heartland of America.   Was it all just an Endless Deep dream? Even Better Than the Real Thing? My imagination has gone wild.  You know I Will Follow You through The Troubles of Hell or perhaps through One Hill Tree.  Am I confused with Sarajevo, Miss?  Or do I have it all backwards?  The minutes pass, the Seconds blast 3-2-1 Happy New Year’s Day!


Power is Magnificent - It’s what drove you to become You Too.  This is A Celebration of Love, Peace, Unity – in which we are Dancing Barefoot in the Crystal Ballroom.  Have you ever imagined the world without you?  A Day Without Me? Hallelujah, Here She Comes!

But always keep in mind that Sometimes You Can’t Make It on Your Own.  No, you are not Invisible.  You need us – all of us.  You are a Stranger in a Strange Land. It’s time to Surrender to your reality.


This is Where You Can Reach Me Now.  Are You Gonna Wait Forever?  Life has always been about a Race Against Time.  No, perhaps not now.  Rise Up and Rejoice - I Will Remember You.  We were meant to meet, but perhaps in Another Time, Another Place.  It’s time to Exit.



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