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“Hear the cries of the fans”
Hear me out U2: My once favorite band – you have broken my heart,
although I should have known it was going to be this way from the start.
Once an avid fan, I now am disheartened,
to hear the cries of hypocrisy and irony sharpened.
Here and there, near and far, the fans came
to listen to a band that has so much fame
sing out their voices to tell a tale
of biased political remarks, which had failed.
Please, Bono, use your voice for humanity, the good of the people,
 to end AIDS, poverty, and hunger; NOT to put down America’s leader, whom you call evil.
All you hear is “build the wall,”
but, in fact, it is simply not like that at all.
See, it is ironic that you do not seem to heed the advice of your own opinions and views,
as you do not keep an open mind to those you oppose you.
Please, please, I beg of you, dear,
to simply play the music that I have come to hear.
No side commentary about problems that you cannot fathom,
and the special treatment that I get as an “elite middle-class, white American citizen” - Oh you cannot begin to imagine.
Because in fact, I am in no better situation than the rest;
no special treatment from the authorities – I am constantly put to the test.
You see, I find it rather difficult to have my voice heard,
Because anytime I speak my mind, I am called a racist, bigot, or absurd.
I would love to attend one of your concerts again soon,
but if I have to fund those who illegally enter into my country, I won’t have the extra income you falsely presumed.
I would love to help the Syrian refugees in need,
but I need to first protect my own veterans, homeless, hungry, indeed.
All I ask for is that you hear me out,
and listen to me, your former fan, as I shout:
“I am ALL for equality and peace!”
but when it comes at a cost of religious terrorism, illegal immigration, and suppressing me,
That is NOT what I am for. No, I will NEVER be.
-In response to the politically-charged concert in Philadelphia on June 18, 2017
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