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Guilty Verdict and Protests downtown

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The verdict for the murder trial was released this morning and it was not guilty.  Given that, protesters are starting to come in a number of hours ago.  Below is a link for live updates from local news on the protests.


I'm wondering if U2 is monitoring the situation and if any word will come down on if the concert will go on as normal.  For weeks the protesters had planned on disrupting Cardinals baseball games if the verdict was not guilt, but as the Cardinals are on a 10 day road trip, I'd be surprised if the U2 concert was not a target for protest (even if U2 are well known to be a band for peace and love), especially since there are already protesters spotted outside the America Center.  Roads are being closed down and as I understand it, so are some interstate exits.

I'm so looking forward to seeing U2 here in St. Louis again.  The Joshua Tree is one of the greatest albums of all time and to see it performed live in it's entirety has been a long desire of mine to see.  The 360 tour at Busch Stadium was amazing.  But I worry about our safety should the protesters get out of hand.  There has already been at least one photograph of a protester armed with an assault rifle.  While I hope all protests are peaceful, I can't help but feel they may escalate.  

I will be keeping a close eye on word from downtown tomorrow, but should things look bad, and I don't feel that my wife and I would be safe, would the band honor a refund for the ticket?  I purchased the early access GA tickets and these require a credit card at the gate to enter and are non-transferable, so I can't sell them on to somebody else more willing to risk downtown.  I'm hoping that U2 will release some sort of statement soon to let us know the status of the concert.  My hope is everything will clear up and the show goes off without a hitch, but at the moment, it doesn't seem to be that way.

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