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On 11/30/2017 at 1:18 PM, vertigojds said:


My objection to how the Red Zone was run in 2015 has to do with the way the tickets were sold.  At the time the tickets went onsale, when we were asked to pay $325 (I think that was the 2015 price), we were shown a specific location on the map for where the Red Zone would be: surrounding the e-stage, which would have been a phenomenal location and a tremendous benefit to the ticket.  However, once the (non-refundable, non-exchangeable) tickets were sold, the location of the Red Zone was moved away from the e-stage and to the extreme sides of the main stage.

Simply put, I don't think it's right that they charged us over $300 a ticket and promised us one location, and then after accepting our money, changed the location to a less desirable one.

In what other business is it okay for the merchant to change your purchase, without warning or option, after you've already paid?

Totally agree with you.  But those are the transgressions of the past.  At least this time around we know what we're getting when we buy RZ tickets - IF one chooses to stay in the Red Zone where the ticket is "assigned."

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23 hours ago, cmooreNC said:

Totally agree with you.  But those are the transgressions of the past.

That's true -- but because it was such a violation of trust, in my opinion, it's been difficult for me to take the band's word at face value since then.  Between the seating charts which showed an incorrect location for the Red Zone, along with the announcement that there would be two different shows and that fans should buy tickets to both nights - both of those things turned out to be not correct, but we were sold very expensive tickets based on that information.  At no point did anyone make an official statement to correct the record, at no point was an apology offered, at no point was any attempt at any remedy offered.  I don't think anything like that had happened in the history of U2.

When the Joshua Tree tour was announced, the ads and press release promised that every show would feature every song from the album.  After tickets were sold, band members then gave interviews where they said they weren't sure if they'd play all of the songs, or if they'd play them in order, only that they were trying to see what they could do.  I am very glad that they did ultimately play all of The Joshua Tree, but it was very strange to be sold expensive tickets with the show being advertised as being one thing, and then almost immediately seeing interviews with the people who would be performing saying they weren't sure if that was actually how it was going to go.

So it's just.... I feel like I've been burned on this stuff and I have trust issues now with the band that I never had in the past.  In the past, if U2 (or their team) said they were going to do something, I took their word at face value and believed it.  Now I find it very difficult to.  I'm not permanently unreachable, and I don't think the band specifically owes me, and only me, some kind of statement or anything - but I think they've burned a lot of good will in recent years among both longtime and casual fans, and I'm not sure that they've either recognized or cared about the extent of that damage.  And ultimately, it's their business -- if that's the way they want to run it, that's their decision. 

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