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Anyone Receive the Email Today?

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Hi Everyone, I called U2.com to clear up when emails go out to the different groups and when we'll receive the codes. I spoke with Hector (who was awesome!). Here's what he said: Innocence G

The pretense that TicketMaster cares about deterring scalpers is laughable. 

I just got off the phone with the U2.com customer service. I can't believe this is actually true but apparently they did in fact use the BS verified fan lottery for presale tickets for fan club member

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17 minutes ago, kitw said:

ALERT! I'm one of the "CORRECTED" people who thought I was out of luck but I just got a text with a code!!! Gonna wait until 10am PT to see if it works for LA but fingers crossed! 

HUGE thanks to all the mods who've been working on this all day. 

Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 4.28.58 PM.png

Me too!! Shockingly I was able to buy GA tix for Boston even though the sale had started 90 minutes prior!


Thank you, mod team!

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27 minutes ago, nbougas said:


It took me 30 minutes of REDIALS to get through by phone, but I spoke to a customer service representative at U2.COM just now.  She told me that registration at U2.COM and subsequent verification with Ticketmaster enters you into a LOTTERY to get a code by text, not a guaranteed delivery of a code.  She said that this detail was spelled out in the subscription service or one of the e-mails, but I can't find that anywhere.  She said that if you didn't receive a code this morning, you weren't selected as part of the LOTTERY.  Because of the "confusion", they are offering a full refund to your subscription here.

Dear God. This has to be a joke. I feel like I feel like I was kicked in the teeth today. My years of membership dating back to propaganda, thousands and thousands of dollars spent over the years and this is what it got me. Sorry if I'm being a bit dramatic but this is completely unreal to me. Still holding out hope I guess but I not banking on it. 

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This is a crazy! I e-mailed the Moderators, but I'm guessing they are COMPLETELY INUNDATED and aren't getting info out to anyone anymore due to the volume.  I can't imagine anyone having any luck at this point.  I already found DC tickets on Stub Hub for $418/each for General Admission.  Nice job U2.COM, this process is really eliminating those scalpers getting tickets.  I'm glad the real fans are getting pushed aside; I really feel appreciated!

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