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GAs for St. Louis?!

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I SOMEHOW managed to get two GAs for the St. Louis show for my sister and myself just now! There's a problem, however. My cousin who is also supposed to come with us wasn't able to log in in time so she couldn't find any GAs. When I bought my tickets, I noticed that they're PAPER, normal tickets now?? Is that correct? So I assume....selling/buying/trading should work out fine like it has for past tours? I need ONE more GA for St. Louis for my cousin. Auuugh! Jesus, this is so stressful. 



Minneapolis, MN

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From what I have seen they are traditional hard tickets this go around. I assume because we were all verified that there is no longer credit card entry as that was an anti-scalping measure.

So - you should be able to buy them from someone you trust.

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