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FAN PRESALE CODES DONE - not good for any more purchases

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4 hours ago, Buttercup1967 said:


Well I never thought our verified subscriber code would be used for the general sale.


I didn’t either but I saw a few people who did so I thought I’d comment. There was some worry that registering for multiple pre-sales would be like trying to exceed the 2 ticket limit and you might get your tickets revoked. That’s obviously not the case, but I can see why some were confused. 

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Oops, that's what I meant.  I've got presale on the brain.  And to be even more clear, there will be no tickets sold on this tour without codes for the SPECIFIC portion of the sale that's taking place

I am huge U2 fan but I hope they don't sell the majority of the 350 dollar seats and play to half full arenas. Teach them a lesson. Them being promoters or band or TM. whoever set prices don't re

the damn codes better be good for future shows!  some of us didn't receive our experience codes until AFTER the innocence presales had all started, and nothing but overpriced garbage left.  i wouldn't

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5 hours ago, vertigojds said:

I don't think there's any chance that the presale code will work for the main sale.

I think it's likely that if you didn't use your code for the presale, and extra shows are added, that you'll have a chance to use your code (or be given a new code) for the added dates.  That's how it worked for added dates in 2015 and 2017.

Agree. Would be very surprised if they didn't.

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On 11/17/2017 at 6:39 PM, lukylsp said:

It's not in the same shape, it's ever changing but the industry itself is one thing - they're leaning on new streams of biz like VINYL (ha) and monetization of content on services like YouTube and streaming royalties (which are far lower than album royalties were). Bands were actually making money when they sold albums and if you go back and look while there was funny accounting for some artists, most of the lawsuits had to do with contract terms and feeling like they were indentured servants to labels than about the royalties they were getting. This is a popular theory that justified stealing music (the artists aren't seeing my money anyway!!!) but that simply wasn't true or our boys would be sharing a one bedroom flat in Dublin in 2017. Now one can argue the cut a label got vs an artist all day and if that was fair  but that's a different story based on each artists contract terms.

I hear you on ticket prices in general - they are high. Fans are being priced out of seeing their favorite bands for sure (and not just U2 - I experienced the same ticket price changes with Depeche this year for example).

And talking of useless CDs I get with pre-sales, I have three copies of the Depeche album unopened. I have nothing to play a CD on anymore even if I wanted to. I'm also not going to redeem my "free" U2 CDs for this reason. So if someone wants a Depeche Mode "Spirit" CD I can post it to you!

I'll take that Spirit CD! lol

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