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Euro dates news, is it delayed due to Fan Verification ?

clapton is god

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On 09/01/2018 at 2:20 AM, stateless said:

Any idea of rumored start and end dates? Sept - ?? Oct/Nov?

Those are some tasty cities. Gonna be hard to figure out an itinerary with limited vacation time. Wish they'd just announce already. 

Starts Sept in Bologna supposedly and apparently ends in Manchester Nov.

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38 minutes ago, rbonovox said:

i also would like to have news about the europe tour

Germany ? maybe oktober /Dublin oktober i see in the net.

but nobody kows??

Do someone have a list??

right now there isn't anything official - what you will find is only rumors... don't plan anything with unconfirmed information...

Please keep checking periodically the site and the board... once there is any official dates for the European shows you will find it published here...

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17 minutes ago, mariellevandenboogaard said:

please can you explain it to me too?

i'm from holland and we made a us tm account for verrification... but i don't know if i did good :(

please can U pm me or someting


gr marielle 

It's basically this: We aren’t really sure yet how future presales will be done, so we are asking everyone to just sit tight until given further instructions...

Please keep checking periodically the site and Zootopia - once there is official information about the European dates and how the presale for these dates will be, you will find it published here...

until then... patience...

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11/1/18 - I am just off the phone with U2.com.  I was told that U2 fan club members who are "verified" would NOT be guaranteed a presale code.  This is in direct contradiction to Guy's letter.  It looks like the confusion in Customer Services continues. Bit worrying if they are the ones dealing with matters on the ground.

Guess we will all have to see how the European presale will operate but it looks like a lottery system.

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