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Credit Card will expire before Gig


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Folks, bought a couple of tickets in Presale yesterday with credit card, however as gig is 9 months away, my card will have expired by then?

I assume that card will still work to access tickets?

Anyone know how this worked in the past? As I'm sure Im not the only one in this situation.


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I'm in same boat. I read someone saying for paperless TM can transfer the tickets to the new card. Best bet is to ask ticket seller.

I thought it was someone on the forum here but can't find the post, otherwise would have linked to it. So it might have been on U2start Apologies

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This happened to me on i+e in London...  unfortunately can't remember the solution but I do know that I got in to the gig so it all worked out!  I'd say just bring along the old credit card and the new credit card on the night.  That's what I'm planning on doing this time around as I'm in the same boat again...

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Yes, they just swipe the card - it actually doesn't matter if it is still active. The entire US JT2017 was credit card entry for field (except where prohibited), and every venue I went to that tour had people on site to work through any strange issues.

I had an even bigger problem because my card got cancelled due to a security breach, so the card (and number) were cancelled and a new card (new number) reissued. But the old card got me in.


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1 hour ago, jonno77 said:

I just rang TM as my card expired for  a paperless ticket. They put a new one against the ticket for me. Gonna take both in case.

Good idea taking both.

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